Bradley BCOLD Smoker Cold Smoke Adapter

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Bradley BCOLD Smoker Cold Smoke Adapter

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The Bradley Cold Smoke Adapter moves the bisquettes burner outside of the smoke box, allowing you to turn any Bradley Smoker into a true cold smoker. Now you can smoke cheese anytime, and Norwegian-style smoked fish is easier than ever to make.


  • Cold smoking on hot days proved to be quite a challenge until now
  • The Bradley cold smoke adaptor attaches between the smoke Tower and the generator with a flexible aluminum tube
  • This unit fits onto all Bradley 4 and 6 rack smokers.
  • Adapter for cold smoking with any standard Bradley smoker
  • Attaches bisquette burner to the exterior of the smoking box
  • Flexible piping transmits smoky flavor to cure foods
  • Perfect for smoking fish, sausage, cheese, or ham
  • Measures 11 by 12 by 17 inches

Bradley BCOLD Smoker Cold Smoke Adapter

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